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Carbon Fibre Clutch Lever


What ?

The objective of this project was to create a lightweight and durable motorbike clutch using  forged carbon fibre and compression moulding techniques. 

Clutch Lever 3_edited.jpg


How ?

I designed the clutch lever in Solidworks while always considering how to optimise designs for manufacturing techniques. FEA of the carbon fibre part subjected to varying loads were carried out to validate my design. The model of the clutch lever was then used to create a 3 part mould. Once the mould was designed, it was 3D pritned in PETG. 

Clutch Lever assm.JPG



After 3D printing, the parts are sanded down and coated with a release agent. A mixture of chopped carbon fibre and resin is measured out and added to the mould. Finally, it is clamped in a vice to form the final part.

Chopped carbon in mould.png
Clutch Lever 3.JPG
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